Tylenol with Codeine

Tylenol with Codeine

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The combination of this medication is used to treat the moderate or mild pains which are associated with dental pain, headaches, painful menstruation and other types of pains which are followed by the accidents. This medication also comes under multiple names of a brand in several different forms.


A user must follow the prescriptions on the label. One must never take these medicines in large amounts or longer than it is prescribed. It can also damage the liver. A user must take the dosage according to the prescription of a doctor; one must also tell the doctor if the pain persists for a longer time.

Side Effects:

•    A user must get emergency help if the signs of allergic reactions persist: difficulty in breathing, swelling of tongue or face, or throat infection.
•    In rare cases, it can also cause severe skin reactions which can be fatal. One must stop the intake of this medication if skin rashes cause peeling and blistering.
•    In rare cases, it can also slow the breathing by making a user weak, death can also occur.
If these effects go within a couple of weeks or in days they can go away easily. If it does not go away one must consult a doctor immediately.

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