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Nembutal belongs to the category of drugs which are also known from the name of barbiturates. The Nembutal is taken as central nervous depressant drugs which are often referred to as sedative-hypnotic drugs as it can help to initiate the sleep. If higher doses are taken it can also treat the issue of anxiety!

What is the use of Nembutal?

The major use of Nembutal is used to treat the short term effects of insomnia to help people fall asleep quickly and even to help people in staying awake. The medication can also treat anxiety.

What are the side effects of Nembutal?

The side effects of Nembutal can occur with the in-toxification of alcohol which can cause slurred or slow speech problems, motor coordination, and a problem with balancing, staggering or shuffling gate, low heart rate, low breathing rate, and low body temperature. It can also cause slow down the ability of the brain by lowering the reasoning and logic, lethargy and sedation, slow rate of thoughts, coma and unconsciousness.

It can cause the development of physical tolerance and withdrawal.

The development of hypnotic, sedative, specific substance disorder and anxiolytic disorder can also occur.

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