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Dexedrine is a nervous system stimulant which affects the chemicals in the nerves and brain that contributes to the impulse and hyperactivity control.


The Dexedrine is used to treat the deficit hyperactivity disorder- The ADHD. It works by changing the number of natural substances in the brain. Dexedrine also belongs to the class of some drugs which are known as stimulants. The drug can help to increase the ability to pay attended, to stay focused and to control the behavior problems. It can also help to organize the tasks and can help to improve the listening skills.

Side Effects:

The drug is highly addictive with other Dexedrine as it can lead to chemical dependence. Though, the medicine has its own side effects which a person can see while taking it in.

You must stop to use Dexedrine and must call a doctor immediately if you have:

•    The drug can bring trouble in breathing, chest pain, pass out feeling and more.
•    Can also trigger the behavioral issues, hostility, paranoia, and aggression.
•    One can also have cold feeling, pain, numbness, skin color change in toes and fingers
•    Changes in visions can also be counted as a major side effect.
•    Muscle pain, weakness, tenderness, and unusual dark colored urine can also be triggered.

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